Finishing Equipment

We have been investing heavily in our finishing department over recent years, with our most recent addition being the Heidelberg MK Diana Go 85 Folder Gluer (pictured above). Finishing is a crucial element of the printing process, whether it’s high volume brochure printing or packaging for the food industry. A high quality finish has the effect of lifting a product, adding a touch of gloss which improves perception in the eye of the customer.

In-house finishing services are becoming less and less common in the printing industry as companies seek to outsource complexity. We prefer to provide this service ourselves so we are in control of the quality of the final product. For you, the customer, this means quicker turnaround times, lower costs and better service.

Our finishing department features the following equipment:

  • Horizon SPF-30S Saddle Stitcher
  • Horizon P BQ-480 Perfect Binder
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder BH-56
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-56
  • Polar 92 X Plus Guillotine
  • Heidelberg MK Diana Go 85 Folder Gluer