Here you’ll discover all the help and advice you need to prepare artwork for print, along with different types of folds, bindings and free to use cutter guides.

There’s also a handy guide to print sizes and a helpful glossary of terms explaining all the print jargon you may or may not be aware of.

Bindings - Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound (Unsewn)

Bindings - Wire Bound

Wire Bound

Binding Saddle Sitched

Saddle Stitched (Stapled)

Four Page Single Fold

4 page single fold

Six Page Concertina Fold

6 page concertina fold

Eight Page Concertina Fold

8 page concertina fold

Ten Page Concertina Fold

10 page concertina fold

Six Page Roll Fold

6 page roll fold

Eight Page Roll Fold

8 page roll fold

Ten Page Roll Fold

10 page roll fold

Six Page Gate Fold

6 page gate fold

Double Gate Fold

Double gate fold

Eight Page Parallel Double Fold

8 page parallel double fold

Eight Page French Fold

8 page french fold

Twelve Page Concertina Fold

12 page concertina fold

Twelve Page Standard Letter Fold

12 page standard letter fold


A1 – 840mm x 594mm


A2 – 594mm x 420mm


A3 – 420 mm x 297mm


A4 – 210mm x 297mm


A5 – 210mm x 148.5mm


A6 – 148.5mm x 105mm


DL(1/3 A4) 210mm x 99mm


C4 324mm x 229mm


C5 – 229mm x 162mm


C6 162mm x 114mm


C7 82mm x 113mm